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Long Island Jesters Lacrosse

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The Long Island Jester Girls United Lacrosse Club is a travel lacrosse program focused on developing the best student athletes both on and off the field.  We are committed to providing our girls with elite training, experienced coaching and an endless amount of resources that will lead them to success.

Jesters Impact Developmental Academy

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New 2035 /2036 Junior Jesters Program!

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"My 10-year-old daughter has been playing lacrosse since she was 6 years old and has never enjoyed it more than she has this year playing for the Jesters.  This was her first travel lacrosse experience and her skills improved dramatically, as did her understanding of the game and the team spirit of lacrosse.  Having seen many other travel programs with my older children, the coaching she receives with the Jesters is some of the best I have experienced in travel sports.  The Jesters is an amazing organization at all levels, they are run exceptionally well, with clear communication on all aspects of managing the team, with an open-door policy to the founders and coaches.  Most
importantly, while the Jesters are extremely focused on developing their players lacrosse skills, a big part of their focus is on the girls having a fun lacrosse experience, which is often times forgotten by many other programs.  Their ability to create a fun family like environment, while playing competitive lacrosse is hard to find at the competitive sports level and is unique to the Jesters program!  Thank you for providing a great experience for my daughter!"

Jay Menghi


"Been meaning to reach out all week to let you known I had the pleasure of watching Tessa play this past weekend in her PAL game. She played the whole game so I really got to see her play. I could see a big improvement in her game from last year so thanks for your work with her. She’s really been enjoying your practices too."

Franca Gerrard


"Katie has really started to like the game this year. Thanks for everything you and your coaches are doing."

Michael Faraci


"I remember the first day I spoke to you. I heard confidence and trust in your voice, you have not let me down and in fact have been and incredibly great friend and mentor to Jenny, brought the best out of her – thank you very much! You have a remarkable way of connecting and commanding respect, and you know the game so well. She is so happy and has developed into a decent LAX player thanks to your program.

Jenny’s confidence, playing ability and as important, friendships she has developed is incredible. Coach Pete and the girls are fabulous, the attention they give and the direction is excellent. Jenny could not be happier. Thank you very much to your team for making this an incredible part of Jenny’s life. Really spectacular."

John Albert


"My daughter started playing with the Jesters Elite in 3rd grade. The Coaches and administration have gone above and beyond to make my daughter feel comfortable and welcomed. Her teammates are lovely young ladies who are supportive of each other both ON and OFF the field. Jerry and Eric truly care about the girls and it shows through their passion for all of their teams. We are very happy to be a part of the Jesters family and look forward to many years to come."

Kari and Bob Nagengast


"As parents of two daughters, we are blown away by the growth and development that they have seen over the years that they have been a part of the Jesters family.  The dedication and support from the coaches makes our girls want to challenge themselves and be better lacrosse players.  The work ethic that is emphasized on the field by their coaches is something that they will take with them off the field in the future.  Being a part of the Jesters family has been, and continues to be an amazing experience for us."

Kristy and Mike Aievoli


"My daughter has been with the 2025 Extreme Team since its inception and she couldn’t be happier.  The girls on the team are her extended family and she can’t wait for her weekly practices and training sessions. When the Jesters say “family” or “sisters” it's not just words, its real, my daughter loves her teammates and coaches.  The Jesters family pushes her to always be a better lacrosse player!"

Brett Freebody


"Being part of Jesters has been such a rewarding experience for Caroline.  She loved every minute of it, learned so much and made some great friends.  This program far exceeded my expectations.  Thank you!"

Jennifer O'Doherty


"I wanted to let you know just how special my daughters experience was with the Jesters 2028 fury this past spring/summer.  Ryley, Shea and Eric took a shy, immature girl and gave her confidence and a sense of self worth.  Due to her younger age and natural immaturity, she was often quiet, scared and reserved especially in new situations because she had been made fun of by her peers in school.  Since training and playing with the Fury team, everyone from her teachers to family members and friends noticed the positive change in her attitude.  She has begun to come out of her shell and it is honestly quite amazing.  The camaraderie and positivity that the coaching staff have instilled in these girls goes so far beyond the field and my daughter is the proof! Recognizing that she has some work to do in terms of her lacrosse skills, she eagerly goes out every day and practices on her own because she had such a positive experience and even asked for private lessons to be the best she can be.
Many thanks to you and your program for affording my daughter such a positive life experience!"

Christine B


"I just wanted to say that our (daughter Becky and I) experience with the Jesters was a great one and I appreciated John O'Connor, Taylor, and staff for all they did! I told your son Steven what a great coach I see that you are!!  You remind me of my football coach in high school.  You like him, drove yet encouraged your team to be the best they could be."


Scott Beickert


Hi Jerry, Giuliana (2025 black) said that you were at both games watching the team play on Sunday and I just have to repeat how I am impressed I am with your level of interest and dedication with this team - it's truly impressive.  I hope come tourney season they can make you proud. 

I am excited to see their growth and development and play hard and well this year.

Robert Versacci


I wanted to touch base with you and relay how great this past season was for my daughter and my family. From the very smooth club operations, communications, tournaments, emails, and questions that were met with speedy replies, Julia thoroughly enjoyed her year with the club, when we spoke before the season I’m glad you convinced us to join Jesters, it was the right move for us and we benefited greatly. You should be very proud of this entire program and all of your staff, including Coach Taylor, she not only taught my daughter how to be a better player, but she also taught her how to more importantly be a better young lady and further prepare her for her journey into the realm of a college recruiting prospect. She was, and still is always available for Julia, and is always willing to help in any situation, please extend my thanks to her for being a stellar example of which I can only hope my daughter follows. The club’s help with recruiting assistance, connectlax, game films, and every other aspect of guidance my daughter received is a direct reflection upon you for the outstanding services you provided to my daughter. 
With all of this being said, I’m very proud to inform you that she received a very substantial athletic scholarship offer to play D2 Lacrosse at Notre Dame College, which as of now she has committed. If we remained where we were playing I’m convinced this would have not been possible, all credit goes to you and the Jesters program, thank you once again. Please continue to “Do What You Do” for the girls, the sky is the limit!!!! 

Robert Nowak


I wanted to share this with any parents who are new to this organization. My daughter went to an impromptu tryout for the Jesters seven years ago.
She was taken on as a developmental player. My daughter listened and was pushed to work harder and harder. From winter workouts through her first season she worked, she hustled and she learned from great coaches.
She was elevated to the 2023 black team her second year. The coaches were demanding and expected the girls to work.
Again she went to work and trusted her coaches. The coaches instilled a confidence in my daughter that I don’t think anyone could have done.
She worked, she practiced and she listened.
My daughter trusted the process and is now committed to college to play lacrosse due to the hard work and absolute dedication of the Jesters coaches and staff!!!!!!!

Ted Wendling


"Just thought you’d like to know that tryouts just ended for POB HS Lax. Cami and Becca were the only 2 freshmen girls, to make the varsity squad. 

It really is a testament to your program so thank you again for sticking with cami through the years and helping her get to where she is. She is so proud of herself."

Gideon Lubin