Annual College Experience

Our annual College Experience takes place each year at a different University, organized by our Jesters United Staff.  This experience is offered to all Jester players.  Our players and families begin the day with a private and personal question and answer session presented by the University's Head Womens Lacrosse Coach and often times some of the lacrosse team players.  Our players and parents are given insight into that University's recruiting process and they have the ability to ask the Coach specific questions. 

Next, our players and families are given a in-depth tour of the campus and athletic facilities by the Coach or designated staff member.  Once our tour is complete, we break for lunch before attending the University's scheduled home game where our players can watch these college athletes perform.  After the game, our Jester players typically engage in an autograph signing where our girls can interact directly with the University's players.  

This annual College Experience not only gives our players and parents an inside look at the University, but presents practical knowledge that helps our student athletes educate themselves on the entire process.  This glimpse into college life is a tremendous tool in assisting our families in making the right choice while giving our girls the ultimate college experience.


2019 Jesters College Experience at Adelphi University

2018 Jesters college experience at Stony Brook University

2017 Jesters college experience at Yale University

2017Yale College Experience

2016 Jesters college experience at West Point

2016 West Point College Experience

2015 Jesters college experience at LIU Post University

2015 Post College Experience