Positional Training

Our Positional Training Program zeros in on specific areas of the game that require undivided attention such as Draw Control, Goalie Training, Shooting Clinics and Defensive ~ Offensive tactics.  Certain positions require repetition in order to perfect. Our positional training sessions will hone in on refining fundamentals that are essential to perfect that very craft such as keeping your elbow tight to your body to find more power on the draw, or keeping your shoulder buried and transferring your weight through your hips for more velocity on your shot.  These little adjustments combined with repetition and timing can make a world of difference when it comes to mastering your position.

Goalie training

Nick Squiccarini (All American Goalie) Member of 2019 NYS Massapequa H.S. Champions and Steven Caramelli (Midfielder) Member of 2019 NYS Massapequa H.S. Champions.

Shelby Fredericks & Pinnnacle performance working with our draw control girls

draw control player skill work