The recruiting process can be overwhelming.  From researching which schools are a fit, communicating with college coaches, to tracking college interest.  IWLCARecruits has you covered.

IWLCARecruits is a college recruiting website that was built out of the necessity for a way to streamline the recruiting process in an organized and efficient way. This platform offers student-athletes a suite of online tools that they can utilize to easily connect with college programs, and pursue their dream of playing college sports. By integrating with IWLCARecruits, our girls will receive a competitive advantage in their recruiting journeys.  

Features of the SportsRecruits Platform Include:

An advanced school search tool with extensive information on every college program in the country to help you identify your list of target schools
Email address database of every coach in the country
A messaging system to reach out to those coaches
An athlete profile with your videos, transcripts, stats and contact information
A tracking feature to know which coaches are interacting with your recruiting information, providing you with the transparency you are looking for!
Profile analytics to help you digest and set realistic recruiting goals
Very similar to LinkedIn, SportsRecruits serves as a platform on which high school athletes can market themselves to college coaches. Their profile acts as a centralized resumé of all the athletic, academic, and personal information a coach would need in order to evaluate them, including recruiting video.

Having all of your relevant recruiting information consolidated in one place helps you stay organized. Our video platform allows you to upload an unlimited number of videos. Any full game footage, skills videos, or highlight videos can be hosted on your profile for coaches to see.

One of the most vital components of our platform is our messaging system, which allows our athlete’s to contact college coaches at any school in the nation. These messages include unique links to automatically grant coaches access to the athlete’s profile.

Analytics track college coach activity, and alert the student-athlete every time a college coach visits their recruiting profile, views one of their videos, or even opens their academic transcript.

Athletes will also find a ton of value in our advanced school search tool. Use it to find schools that suit all of your needs as a student-athlete, then leverage the favorites page to manage their target list of schools. The progress bar monitors a student-athletes progress with each individual program.

There are many factors that set SportsRecruits apart from others in the space including our best in class technology and student-athlete focused mission. To learn more about what sets us apart, check out this article.

As members of our Jesters family, our High School players will have full access to a IWLCARecruits membership, at no additional cost.

A IWLCARecruits membership is one of the many things that sets the Jesters Lacrosse Club above other clubs.