About Us

The Long Island Jester Girls United Lacrosse Club is a travel lacrosse program focused on developing the best student-athletes both on and off the field.  We are committed to providing our girls with elite training, experienced coaching, and an endless amount of resources that will lead them to success.


Our Mission

Our mission:   ~To Inspire and Empower Girls Throughout Long Island~

Our staff is extremely passionate and dedicated to providing an incredible experience.  We strongly believe that while giving our girls the proper training, coaching, and guidance necessary for success on the field, it is just as important to build trust and relationships through bonding and team-building events that create growth off the field.   Our girls will carry these valuable lessons with them for the rest of their lives. 

As such, we are committed to providing every possible resource to place our girls in a position to succeed in life - NOT just lacrosse.  We believe that while implementing the proper balance between challenging our girls to grow as lacrosse players, it is just as important to ensure our girls are properly growing together off the field.

WE are NOT just a Lacrosse Club ~ WE are a FAMILY~



An experienced staff that loves the game of lacrosse.  We are dedicated to sharing our passion and knowledge for the sport with any young player who wants to learn and compete.

What we do: 

We are committed to empowering young women throughout Long Island.  By providing elite coaching, along with encouragement, and team bonding events, our players learn to be generous teammates and confident individuals.


Academics and strength of character are always held to a high standard teaching responsibility and accountability both ON and OFF the field.  We take great pride in developing student-athletes who are good citizens and human beings above all else.

What Separates us from every other club?

Our holistic approach.  We do more than any other club, from our robust winter training to our annual camp weekend to our customized club events. While delivering elite training, professional coaching and unique experiences,  everything we do is designed to teach, grow, inspire, empower and encourage our girls.

~We are NOT just a Lacrosse club ~ WE are a FAMILY~


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