1. When should you contact a coach?

Now is the time. College Coaches are more likely to reach out and view your profile if you have video as well.  It’s never too early. Look into prospect days at your favorite Colleges and Universities and  get there!

2. Should my daughter take the ACT/SATs earlier? ie, this coming May or is it fine to wait to take them as usual in her Junior year.

It definitely does not hurt to take the ACTs/SATs early.  Previously, colleges saw how many times you took the tests and what each of your scores were.  However, now you may take the ACT/SATs as many times as you want and choose which score the colleges see.  As with everything, the more practice, the better.

3. Should my daughter send a separate email to each College/University or can she do multiple schools/recipients in one email?

Your daughter will need to send a separate email to each College/University Coach.  First by the nature of the IWLCARecruits messaging system and second, because she can then personalize each email to the individual program.

4. Is there a stock/guideline email/verbiage that my daughter should send or just make up her own few sentences?

You should make each email personal and college specific.  However, below is an example.  

Example subject: Why [college name] is a great fit; new '18 Mid highlight video

Example message body:

Coach [last name],

My name is Jenna and I am a sophomore (2018) at Wantagh High School on Long Island. I am a varsity midfielder, third in points, and the leading scorer at my position. I was also voted a captain. I am reaching out to introduce myself and express my interest in playing for your program.

I have a 3.7 GPA and scored 1300 on the PSAT this fall. I plan to take the SAT this spring. I am taking AP classes in History and Calculus.

I am interested in mathematics and business and know per Linkedin info that those are popular paths for graduates. The campus size is a good fit for me.

I have watched your games online and believe I can contribute to your program.

My club team, the Jester Girls United Team, will be attending a number of recruiting tournaments this summer (listed in my recruit calendar). My highlight videos (recently added new fall highlights), athletic info, and transcript are located in my profile.

I copied my club coach on this email.

Please let me know if there is any additional information I can send you. I plan to visit your campus this August.


Once your profile is complete with all relevant information, you can then start contacting college coaches.  

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For more information you can look at the IWLCARecruits Recruiting Guide or review their FAQ's for other useful information.