Frequently asked questions

1.  How will I know if I made the team?

Team rosters will be carefully chosen and posted, by tryout pinny number, under the "Tryouts" tab on Sunday, August 22nd, 2021.  If your number does not appear on any of the posted rosters, it does not mean you have not made a team.  Invitations will be ongoing until the team roster is completed.

2. How do I secure my spot on a L.I. Jester team?

Once posted, players must register online to secure their roster spot.   Players will have 48 hours to commit and accept their roster spot and make their initial payment in one of two ways; full annual tuition or payment plan.

*Number does not include processing fee. Please note that any and all "processing fees" are set by the vendor and go directly to them.

**We do not accept personal checks for tuition.

3. What is the L.I. Jesters refund policy?

Players are carefully selected for each and every roster spot for the L.I. Jester Girls United Lacrosse Club.  Every player will have 48 hours to either accept or reject their invitation.  Once a player commits and accepts a roster spot, they are making a solemn commitment to their team.  Player is committing to the full-year program as well as annual tuition.  Due to registration deadlines for tournaments, indoor and outdoor training, uniform apparel packages, coaching staff salaries, and all carefully planned events, all money collected is allocated accordingly based on the number of players rostered per team.  It is a requirement to waive rights to refunds for any reason.  Our no refund policy that we put in place is not to be difficult, but rather a commitment that we have to our players throughout our Jesters Family and essential to run our club successfully for the convenience of every one of our parents and players. 

4. What is included with the annual tuition?

Your Tuition Includes:

  • Complete Indoor Winter Training Program including Goalie and Positional training
  • 25 + Outdoor Practices
  • 4 Summer Tournaments
  • LI Jesters Custom Player Package
  • IWLCA Recruitment Platform (for age-appropriate teams)

Your LI Jesters Custom Player Package May Include:

  • Custom Sublimated Reversible Uniform Top
  • Custom Sublimated Reversible Uniform Shorts
  • Custom Sublimated Shooting Shirt
  • Custom Socks

Jesters Annual Camp Experience* (see More Info tab for information) and Annual College Experience* (see College Experience tab under Events for more information)

*Not included in annual tuition

5. can players play for other travel club teams while rostered on a Jester team Roster?

No.  It is against club policy to allow players to play for any other travel lacrosse club if a player is rostered for one of our teams.   This is to protect the team dynamic and our players.